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May 1, 2020

The intense Scorpio full moon on May 7 wants to help you cleanse your life of the things you truly no longer need. Has a friendship run its course? Is it finally time to clean out a closet or recycle a collection you’ve grown tired of? It’s not ruthless to want to make a clean break and get a fresh start.?? The duo of powerful Mars and timid Pisces on the twelfth creates confusing energy that might stop you in your tracks. Questions of doubt arise about things you were previously extremely sure of. Is second-guessing yourself a sign, or are you just being overly cautious? Listen closely to your intuition.?? The sun pairs up with airy Gemini on May 20, creating a natural sense of curiosity. Because your communication skills are also on point now, talking with other people is one of your favorite things to do. Asking lots of questions leads to some surprising answers. If you can afford to travel now, do.?? Talkative Mercury enters shy Cancer on the twenty-eighth, subduing your ability to chat it up with anyone and everyone around you. You open up to those you trust, but that’s a very small circle. Your feelings get hurt easily now because you take things so personally. If you could help it, you would, but you can’t.

April 1, 2020

The month starts out with a fortunate Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4, giving you the drive you need to succeed with your current goals. The combination of intense effort and good luck works in your favor now, giving you the feeling that you can conquer just about anything that’s put in front of you. A sun-Jupiter square on the fifteenth causes a roller coaster of emotion, and it’s hard to accomplish daily tasks when you’re up one minute and down the next. You don’t have a lot of willpower now either, which could send you down a path that leads to dangerous or disappointing situations. Luckily, this too shall pass. A new moon in security-seeking Taurus on April 22 gives you time to contemplate your next move as you search for a more comfortable, grounded lifestyle. If things have been moving too quickly lately, this is a perfect time to take a break and think carefully about your next step. Normally quick-thinking Mercury moves into steady Taurus on the twenty-seventh, slowing down communications, thought processes, and the flow of information in general. If you have a high-pressure job or a partner who likes to constantly be on the go, this could be a frustrating time. However, it’s never a mistake to take a time-out if you’re feeling rushed.

March 1, 2020

When talkative Mercury enters brainy Aquarius on March 4, your conversations might be over some people’s heads. You can try to dumb things down by using smaller words or breaking down tech talk, but the simple truth is that you just have a lot more going on mentally right now than most people you know. You have a new moon in powerful Aries to look forward to on the twenty-fourth, which should relight a fire under you and send you back down the path toward getting what you want. If you’ve lost sight of what that is, the Aries new moon reminds you that you’re destined for success. Loving Venus forms a trine to your home planet Jupiter on March 28, and as one of the most anticipated transits this year, it can act as a bandage for a lot of hurtful situations you’ve been involved with lately. Shopping is a much-loved pastime now, and you love buying souvenirs on your trips and adventures. Fierce Mars moves into the smart sign of Aquarius on the thirtieth, and you’re overwhelmed by your own abilities. Your main focus now might actually be to help other people, and you make great strides in charitable causes. Donate your time, money, or both in order to make the difference you’d love to see take place in the world.

February 5, 2020

As communicative Mercury moves into intuitive Pisces on February 3, your thoughts are less detailed and more fantastical. Sounds dreamy, right? It can be, unless you have a major decision to make. Because Pisces thrives in a world of magic and make-believe, this isn’t the best time to address real-world problems. Aggressive Mars meets its match in ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth, so if you’ve had trouble crossing items off your to-do list lately, midmonth is the time to get them done. Your energy is high and your thought processes are clear, which is a winning combo. You get caught up in a dream world when the sun moves into idealistic Pisces on February 18, but who can’t use a break from reality every so often? If you have to make an important decision now, it’s best to rely on your intuition to show you the way. There’s also a Pisces new moon to look forward to on the twenty-third, especially since it can give you some excellent creative ideas to solve some puzzling issues you’ve been dealing with lately. This is your chance to start fresh, Sagittarius, and what better way to clear the slate than with some imaginative solutions?

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