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May 1, 2020

You’re quick to jump to conclusions or make certain deductions as your mind moves rapidly from one thought to another during the sun-Mercury conjunction on May 4. You want to react immediately to social media posts, but it’s best to let certain news sink in before responding. Even though you can delete your comments, you can’t guarantee that no one will see them while they’re still up.?? Your power planet Mercury pairs up with quick-witted Gemini, the other sign it rules, on the eleventh, so the next couple weeks are your window of opportunity to talk to the people you need or want to talk to. Ask your boss about that new position that’s opening up, or talk to a crush you’ve been too shy to approach. You aren’t at a loss for words now.?? The sun enters Gemini on May 20, welcoming in a month of curiosity and versatility. This is a time to view things from a new perspective and expand your knowledge. Gaining a new understanding of the world is priceless. ?? Mercury enters sensitive Cancer on the twenty-eighth, and for the near future you might take offhanded comments very personally. Although you can be very critical of yourself, it’s different when others voice similar opinions.

April 1, 2020

Your leader Mercury conjoins imaginative Neptune on April 3, allowing your thoughts to drift in and out of reality. At its worst, this transit twists your words, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings. Mercury enters fiery Aries on the tenth, however, when there will be no mistaking what you think! You have a lot on your mind now, and you don’t have any time for anyone who wants to stand in your way. Your bluntness might be a turnoff to some, but getting your opinions out there for the world to hear is beneficial overall. The sun pairs up with pleasure-seeking Taurus on April 19, so for the next month or so you’ll be focused on making your life as comfortable as it can be. Surrounding yourself with the finest things you can afford makes you feel good, but deep down you might be yearning for more. Start taking steps now so you can live an abundant life in the future. A new moon on the twenty-second, also in earthy Taurus, is a great reminder for you to keep working on those goals. This lunation provides you with a fresh start, and the Bull encourages you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along to help you better your situation.

March 1, 2020

Informative Mercury moves into unconventional Aquarius on March 4, ushering in a few weeks of progressive, forward-thinking perspectives. This is a perfect time to join a think tank or brainstorm your latest big idea with like-minded people. A full moon in your sign on the ninth brings balance to your life while the sun is in dreamy Pisces, and it helps you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground (where you like them). Because it’s time for “in with the new and out with the old,” the less clutter you have in your space, the less clutter you have in your head. Serious Saturn enters airy Aquarius on March 21, allowing you to capitalize on some of your loftier goals. You have amazing insight into technology and what makes things tick now, so inventing things is one of your strengths. When your lofty ideas combine with Saturn’s work ethic, there’s no place left to go but up. A powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction on the twenty-third puts you in the driver’s seat, and you’re extremely aware of the power you hold. This can be dangerous both for you and those around you if you decide to use it for evil rather than good. Putting the bulk of your energy into something you’re passionate about helps you stay out of trouble.

February 5, 2020

When logical Mercury, your home planet, teams up with intuitive Pisces on February 3, you’re out of your element. You prefer to use reason when addressing your dilemmas, but what happens when you use emotion instead? Give in to fresh ideas and creative inspirations. The moon is full in your own practical sign on the ninth, which should snap you right back into reality. It’s nice to retreat into a dream world sometimes, but right now you get better results using common sense and logic. If anything is out of order in your life, it's time to put it back where it belongs. You get a boost from the ambitious energy of Mars pairing with the hardworking Goat starting on February 16, and although you’re ready to kick some butt now, you do it in an understanding way. By the time you reach the finish line, your competitors won’t have any idea how or when you passed them. A new moon in dreamy Pisces on the twenty-third puts you in a contemplative state and has you reflecting on events of the past several weeks. Are you satisfied with what’s happened, or are there changes to make? This is a good time to think about general ideas, but don’t dwell on details.

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