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May 1, 2020

Messenger Mercury starts the month in steady Taurus and then moves to more flexible Gemini on May 11. While the first part of the month is spent on logical, detail-oriented communication, midmonth and beyond is less structured. Asking open-ended questions leads to interesting conversations.?? A Mercury-Saturn trine on the twelfth is good for accomplishing that tough mental work you’ve been putting off. Normal routine things don’t seem as boring now as you strive for perfection. Putting your all into your to-do list is inspiring and exciting to you now.?? As the sun enters inquisitive Gemini on May 20, you’re curious about everything. You take a much more lighthearted approach to investigative work now, as if you’re looking at things from a third-person perspective instead of first. A picture appears extremely different the farther away from it you get.?? The twenty-second brings a sun-Saturn trine that helps shift your focus to long-term goals and responsibilities. You’re able to take on a bigger workload without adding a lot of additional stress, which makes you extremely productive. You aren’t quite a machine, but you aren’t far from it.

April 1, 2020

A lot is possible as loving Venus trines your motivated power planet Saturn on April 4. It’s an excellent time to make long-term investments in both money and romance, as well as recommit to any current assignments or items on your to-do list. You’re determined to get things done, and it shows. Communicative Mercury enters powerful Aries on the tenth, giving you the chance to finally get some things off your chest. You aren’t hesitant to talk about what you want and need now, which might catch some people by surprise. But guess what? This confident new version of you isn’t going anywhere for at least a couple weeks! A sun-Saturn square on April 21 brings your responsibilities into focus and might ruin a bit of your fun, but, quite frankly, you’re used to it. You’re not happy about canceling plans you were looking forward to so you can help a friend or relative with something, but it’s the right thing to do so you do it. Talkative Mercury enters solid Taurus on the twenty-seventh, so you’ll have plenty of time to think things over before finally speaking your piece. This is a slow-moving energy, dedicated to accuracy and logic more than hastiness and drama. This is the time to harness your crazy dreams and far-out ideas and turn them into something real.

March 1, 2020

A stressful square between loving Venus and your home planet Saturn on March 3 could cause tension and grumpiness. You’re honestly not all that much fun to be around now, which is kind of fine with you. We all have days like this, Capricorn. Don’t worry too much about this temporary funk. You feel much more productive during the Virgo full moon on the ninth, especially if you have a long to-do list. You’re able to happily work on projects and chores now, and getting things cleaned up and cleared out will make you feel like a weight’s been lifted. The spring equinox occurs just a couple days before Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, creating a harmonious balance in your life. You have a wide perspective of the world now, which can help you on your personal journey. Helping others along the way is always a plus, and your humanitarian side is strong. Driven Mars teams up with experimental Aquarius on the thirtieth, allowing you to indulge in some of your fantastic visions. You don’t show your cards very often, but now is a great time to show others your ideas, especially for the future. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Aim high.

February 5, 2020

The full moon in dazzling fire sign Leo on February 8 is a good companion to imaginative Aquarius. What do you want to accomplish in the future? Keep your eyes on the prize. The combination of powerful Mars and your ambitious sign on the sixteenth gives you more energy and makes you feel invincible. You might think it’s you against the world now, Capricorn, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are actually a lot of people in your corner cheering you on. You just haven’t looked up long enough to notice them. The moon spends time in your self-disciplined sign on February 18 and February 19, so splurging on anything for yourself is unlikely now. You can be stingy with your emotions now, too, and emotional outbursts now are practically unheard of. You might think keeping up a wall protects you, but that might just be your insecurities talking. You’re much more emotionally available when the sun moves into gentle Pisces on the eighteenth, especially when it comes to children, animals, and people you feel sorry for. You have a much softer demeanor now, and your kind, caring side might take some people by surprise. Lending a helping hand feels good, doesn’t it?

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