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August 13, 2021

As August gets underway, Aries, you'll be at a creative peak with the sun and chatty Mercury in Leo encouraging you to get out the art and craft materials. You’ll enjoy playing with colors and patterns. With the sun here until August 22, use this opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities. By letting others see what you're capable of, you might get a few customers too. Get ready, because the new moon in Leo on the eighth is a great opportunity to kick-start a project or entrepreneurial plan that could work out well for you. Plus, because passions are fired up, there is also the potential for a romance to begin. Talkative Mercury moves into fastidious Virgo on August 11, followed by the sun on August 22. Thinking of getting organized? This is the time to go for it. Lovely Venus shimmies into Libra on the fifteenth, adding extra warmth to your love life and other relationships. If you need to resolve a difficulty, her soothing presence can certainly help. This month, the full moon in Aquarius occurs a few hours before the sun enters Virgo on August 22. If you have an event planned for this date, it could be a lot of fun. People could be easily triggered, though, so tread with care around sensitive subjects. Your lifestyle sector will be very busy with the sun, talkative Mercury, and fiery Mars helping to activate this zone. Work and wellness issues may come to the fore, gearing you up to eat more healthfully and get more exercise. You might also want to adopt new systems that can help you be more productive and cut out distractions. Finally, convivial Mercury moves into Libra on the twenty-ninth, which is perfect for seeing all sides of a discussion or argument.

May 1, 2020

Your concentration is on point during the sun-Mercury conjunction on May 4. You’re mentally alive and alert, and communication is your strength. If you have any studying to do, be sure to get it done during this transit. Memorization is especially easy now.?? A full moon in watery Scorpio on the seventh balances with the earthiness of the Taurus sun and helps you define what’s truly necessary in your life. Letting go is never easy, but lightening your load makes room for you to accept important new things later in this lunation. ?? Your power planet Mars enters gentle Pisces on May 12, making you feel a lot less confident and driven. You’re much more into concepts than action now, which is an extreme departure from how you usually are. More than anything, this transit is about adjusting your outlook, Aries. When you do, you’ll see things from a gentler, more compassionate perspective.?? Your mind is alert with possibilities when the sun enters curious Gemini on the twentieth, and variety is the key to life. You won’t want to stay with any one person or talk about any one topic for long. The world is a big, big place, and you have a lot to explore! ?

April 1, 2020

A Venus-Saturn trine on April 4 brings a steady vibe to your love life and financial affairs. Anything you start now will be focused on the long term. As a fire sign, you still get distracted by shiny things, but, overall, you’re committed to doing what it takes to make things work. You want to break free from your current restrictions during the square between ruler Mars and eccentric Uranus on the seventh, and you’re willing to do what takes to overcome whatever obstacles are in the way. There are some areas of your life that you can get away with breaking rules more than others. Keep them separate if you know what’s good for you. Chatty Mercury enters your impulsive sign on April 10, so you’re definitely inclined to say whatever is on your mind. Your bluntness will be refreshing to some and offensive to others. Your little secret is that you can actually control whatever comes out of your mouth, but sometimes you like to put things out there for the shock value. A sun-Uranus conjunction on the twenty-sixth ends the month on an exciting note, especially since you don’t know what might happen from one minute to the next. You love spontaneity, and this transit delivers as much of it as you can handle.

March 1, 2020

During the Venus-Saturn square on March 3, you may start to feel distance in some of your most important personal relationships. You might not be all that fun to be around now, which adds to your problems. You want things to change, but you might lack the motivation to actually do something about it. A Virgo full moon arrives on the ninth, balancing out some of the wilder fantasies you’ve been having thanks to the presence of the Pisces sun. It might be hard to come crashing back to reality so suddenly, but in the end you’ll be glad you realized some things sooner than later. The sun enters your bold, fiery sign on March 19, when you believe in yourself perhaps more than even your greatest fan. You do have many admirers, but you’re too busy making sure you win the race to see who’s running it alongside you, handing you water and cheering you on to victory. (Hint: Don’t overlook the people who are pulling for you. You’ll need them someday.)

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