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May 1, 2020

The month starts on an insecure note brought on by the hazy Venus-Neptune square on May 3. Making decisions about love and/or money is difficult, especially when you consider the finality of it all. One of the worst things you can do now is second-guess yourself, Taurus. It’s better to take your time making a choice than change your mind after the fact.?? You ask a lot of questions when communicative Mercury enters curious Gemini on the eleventh, and the universe fascinates you with its vastness. There’s so much to learn—where should you start? An interesting conversation with a stranger could turn into much more if you let it.?? The sun travels into versatile Gemini on May 20, adding variety to your sometimes boring routine. As your curiosity continues to expand, your world grows. Now that there are new perspectives and possibilities around every corner, it’s easy to get lost in life’s amazing potential.?? A Gemini new moon appears on the twenty-second to complete the airy transit trilogy, only this time the choices might be overwhelming. When there’s pressure to move, you might very well move in the wrong direction. Try to focus on just one thing and then put all your energy into it. Something good comes from choosing one direction and sticking with it.

April 1, 2020

Your home planet Venus joins forces with intelligent Gemini on April 3, helping you take a logical approach to love and money. You get into trouble in both categories when you get too emotionally involved, and this pairing helps you take a step back and look at things from a slightly different (and more detached) perspective. Information specialist Mercury enters powerful Aries on the tenth, making you assertive in the way you communicate and use technology. You’re ready to get straight to the point now, but you aren’t always the most tactful person. There’s a way to get what you want without being rude. The sun enters your conservative sign on April 19, so your tactics should take a much calmer turn. You love luxury now, and you’re definitely into the finer things in life. An amazing gourmet meal, an extravagant spa weekend away, and/or an expensive sports car might all be on your shopping list depending on your income level! There’s also a new moon in your sign on the twenty-second, prompting you to find new ways to make some extra cash. You’re still in your spending mode, but you’re one of the last signs to go into debt to get what you want. Brainstorm ways you can improve your cash flow before reaching for your credit card.

March 1, 2020

You might feel lonely or isolated during the Venus-Saturn square on March 3, which doesn’t get your month off to the best start. There’s nothing wrong with having some quiet, contemplative time, but there’s also a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Your home planet links up with your traditional sign on the fourth, leaving you feeling very set in your ways. The way you see it, if something’s not broken, why try to fix it? You take some comfort in beauty now, and you might go on a shopping spree for items you’ve had your eye on. You know a good deal when you see it, and the focus is on quality, not quantity. Venus conjoins antsy Uranus on March 8, which brings about change in one form or another. You don’t always like to vary your routine, but you don’t mind it as much now. If you’ve felt stagnant in your life or relationship for a while, this is a good time to shake things up. The month ends with a Venus-Jupiter trine on the twenty-eighth, at which point you’re extremely lucky in love. Can you feel the magic, Taurus? Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you feel like you’re exactly where you need to be. Fate can be an amazing thing.

February 5, 2020

The moon is in your sensory sign on the first couple of days of February, so you’ll be focused on having your needs met. Of course, you can take care of business yourself, but it’s so much more fun when someone else helps. Luckily, you know when to take advantage of a situation and when to rely on your own abilities. Your home planet Venus moves into fiery Aries on the seventh, causing some disruption in your peaceful life. Just when things have been going according to plan, this transit could cause you to veer off course. Getting out of your routine and doing something spontaneously can shake things up in a good way, though. A full moon in dramatic Leo on February 8 brings good balance to the rather aloof energy of the Aquarius sun and shows you how to be a more exuberant, outgoing version of yourself. This lunation reminds you that it’s OK to live large and loud, and to express what’s in your heart. A square between your home planet Venus and lucky Jupiter on the twenty-third brings a lighthearted vibe, but problems arise when you’re so busy having fun that you forget about your responsibilities. It’s okay to party and have a good time, but don’t do it to excess.

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