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February 5, 2020

When logical Mercury, your home planet, teams up with intuitive Pisces on February 3, you’re out of your element. You prefer to use reason when addressing your dilemmas, but what happens when you use emotion instead? Give in to fresh ideas and creative inspirations. The moon is full in your own practical sign on the ninth, which should snap you right back into reality. It’s nice to retreat into a dream world sometimes, but right now you get better results using common sense and logic. If anything is out of order in your life, it's time to put it back where it belongs. You get a boost from the ambitious energy of Mars pairing with the hardworking Goat starting on February 16, and although you’re ready to kick some butt now, you do it in an understanding way. By the time you reach the finish line, your competitors won’t have any idea how or when you passed them. A new moon in dreamy Pisces on the twenty-third puts you in a contemplative state and has you reflecting on events of the past several weeks. Are you satisfied with what’s happened, or are there changes to make? This is a good time to think about general ideas, but don’t dwell on details.

January 1, 2020

When the brilliant sun conjoins your home planet Mercury in driven Capricorn on January 10, you get things done. Communication is on track, allowing you to focus on other more important things. Your main objective should be efficiency. You may encounter a lot of mental challenges during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction (also in Capricorn) on the twelfth, but luckily, you’re extremely prepared for them. You might think that doing puzzles and playing games has been a waste of time, but they actually help train your brain for real-life situations. Good job, Virgo! The emotional moon doesn’t know quite how to act when it spends time in your practical sign on January 13, but one thing’s for sure: Your space will certainly be cleaner, neater, and more organized than usual! When you aren’t sure how to act, you busy yourself with things you do know how to do, and all kinds of everyday chores fall into that category! You’re able to open your mind and see things a little differently than usual under the Aquarius new moon on the twenty-fourth, which is a good thing. If you’ve been unwilling or unable to step out of your usual routine lately, this quirky energy should be a breath of fresh air. Who knows what might happen when you open yourself up to new possibilities?

December 2, 2019

When limitless Jupiter joins up with practical Capricorn on December 2, your best approach to reaching your goals is a methodical, realistic one. You can identify with the Goat’s down-to-earth energy, but expansive Jupiter puts a little voice in the back of your head telling you that you might not be doing enough. The contemplative Mercury-Pluto sextile on the third adds depth and intensity to your thought processes, and you’ll want to take your time before making major decisions. You love learning about new things (especially the occult and astrology), and you have a magnetic attraction to the unknown. Spend your spare time finding the answers to the mysteries of the universe. Communicative Mercury, your power planet, enters optimistic Sagittarius on December 9, giving you a renewed sense of hope. You see new possibilities now, and you’re excited about what might happen next. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you could have a profound effect on the people you talk to now. Mercury moves into Capricorn’s practical sign on the twenty-eighth, ending the month on a more serious note. Your thinking is sensible and logical now, and you tend to think in terms of what’s realistic instead of what’s possible. Your plans are still intact, but now you see more of the work that’s involved in making your dreams come true. Stay focused.

November 10, 2019

When competitive Mars squares off with transformational Pluto on November 5, you have some serious decisions to make, Virgo. If you opt to play it safe, you might miss an important opportunity. If you put it all on the line, there will be inevitable power struggles as you go up against your competitors. Take whichever path lets you sleep better at night. The Taurus full moon on the twelfth brings out your conservative qualities, so you won’t want to rock the boat much now. The Bull is a fellow earth sign, so getting things done efficiently and effectively will be the main objective during this lunation. Mercury, your home planet, goes direct in your own logical sign on November 20, which is like music to your ears. You can finally rest assured that all the technological glitches, travel hiccups, and communication snafus you experienced during the retrograde will start to turn around for the better. Everything’s not perfect, but there’s so much less to criticize. The Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth gives you hope for the future and encourages you to learn new things. Visit the library, take a class, or travel to a new place. Your mind is like a sponge now. You’re able to soak up an incredible amount of knowledge everywhere you go.

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