Prof Paul Adu

I am writing to share my experience that happened. After I started my initiation on October 16th, I heard the sound of a bell jingle. This happened throughout the day. I also would hear the sound of wings fluttering whenever I step inside the circle to doing invocation, I notice the air around the circle is warm.

On the last night of my initiation, as I was drifting off to sleep, the room appeared to be hazy, as though I was in a trance. I felt cold and an angel appeared standing over me. I opened my eyes wider, the angel called my name and said not to be afraid. As he was speaking, he was pulling me up by my right arm.I was speaking with him as I was rising up to sit. I wanted to get up, but felt extremely sleepy. My body and eyelids were very heavy. The entire episode consist of my talking with the angel and his pulling on me by the arm to get me to sit up. This lasted for several minutes. I closed my eyes and collapsed on the bed. As I laid down, I immediately opened my eyes and realized what had just transpired.

I am very pleased to received all my spiritual gifts.

Thank you for assisting me in my endeavour.


Ruby Seymour New Orleans