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October 6, 2018

A Mercury-Pluto square on October 2 challenges your thinking and could bring up some uncomfortable things you haven’t wanted to think about in a while, Aquarius. The deeper into your psyche you go, the darker it could get, but shining a light on what’s in there will benefit you in the long run. Your mind goes a mile a minute during the Mercury-Uranus opposition on the tenth, and you could hop from one idea to the next without thinking through the details. Use your nervous energy to get projects and plans off the ground, but count on other people to help see them through if you’re having a hard time staying focused. The Mercury-Mars square on October 19 could cause friction in a close relationship, especially since you’re much more intent on talking than listening. Communication is a two-way street, and you’ll benefit from keeping that in mind. You might feel like something exciting is on the horizon during the sun-Uranus opposition of the twenty-third, and not knowing what it could be is half the fun. Try to channel any strange energy you feel into something constructive.

September 3, 2018

You already have a very open mind, but it gets the chance to expand even wider this month, starting with the trine between Mercury and Uranus retrograde on September 7. There are many new possibilities, but you could have some difficulty deciphering what you should act on and what should remain just a thought. You’ll figure it out, but don’t make any quick movements for now. Influential Mars enters your rebellious sign on the tenth, causing some erratic and unstable energy. You’re attracted to unconventional methods as always, but coloring outside the lines isn’t always acceptable. Knowing when to be quirky and when to just do it the regular way is the biggest challenge that you face right now. The Mars-Uranus square on the eighteenth offers you another chance to break free from the restrictions you resent so much, but again, you have to know where the line is. Being creative and free-spirited goes over way better in some environments than it does in others. And you can definitely tell the difference. The confident sun-Mars trine on September 27 helps end the month on an enthusiastic note, and starting new projects is encouraged. If you have a strong urge to turn left instead of right, go with it. The driving force inside of you is strong.

August 17, 2018

A strong need to break free from authority accompanies the Mars retrograde-Uranus square on August 1, but it’s hard to find balance between following the rules and completely dancing to the beat of your own drum. Know what you can safely get away with and what you can’t. Protecting yourself from harm should come first. A Venus-Saturn retrograde square could cause tension in relationships on the ninth, especially when you don’t seem to be your usual easygoing self. Do you have pressing deadlines or outstanding bills that need to be paid? Take care of responsibilities before agreeing to play or party. A sun-Uranus trine on August 25 increases your sense of perception, and your intuition is also functioning at a high level. Maybe you’re not a mind reader, but your guesses about what’s about to happen are uncannily accurate. This is a great time to try something new because your confidence is high, so you have very few fails during this transit. The month ends with a Mercury-Jupiter square on the twenty-eighth, which could make your focus jump around a bit. You’re optimistic that future projects will succeed, but you still need to commit to putting in the work to make that happen.

July 1, 2018

The ego-driven sun trines sleepy Neptune on July 8, casting a hazy shadow on your personal goals and plans. Not usually one to stick with an entire project from start to finish, you’re totally on board with this indecisive energy. Just don’t let yourself be distracted or procrastinate for too long or you could miss out on something meaningful. A Venus-Uranus trine on the eleventh brings newness into your life in perhaps a wacky form, and you love it. You’re up for just about anything (especially romantically), and you can’t wait to try the next new thing. Fads are fun, but don’t forget about the tried and true. A sun-Uranus square on July 25 requires you to be open-minded and flexible, which is usually second nature to you. Trouble comes when you run up against someone or something that refuses to adapt to your way of doing things, which could result in a stalemate. You’re into change and all, but that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. A full moon total lunar eclipse in your sign on the twenty-seventh reminds you that you’re part of something way bigger than yourself, and you’ll probably feel like doing a lot of charity work. Way to change the world, Aquarius!

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