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June 10, 2018

The sun-Mercury conjunction on June 5 sets the mood for your busy month, ensuring that you’re adaptable and curious. There’s no telling what the rest of the month will bring, but you’re looking forward to finding out! Romantic Venus squares Uranus, your power planet, on the fourteenth, which challenges romantic relationships. If you’re in one, your eye may wander. Your patience for drama is at an extremely low level. If you’re single, you probably have no major drama to look forward to, which is part of the problem. This transit reminds you that you need more excitement in your life, but there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. A Mercury-Pluto retrograde opposition on June 23 brings combative energy as you struggle to work through some very deep psychological issues. Everyone has problems, but you may feel like you’re experiencing everything alone, which can lead to unhealthy isolation. Luckily, a Mercury-Uranus square on June 30 reminds you that you have a lot of different life options. You could receive shocking or unexpected (potentially bad) news, but at least it’s enough to break you out of your complacent bubble.

May 10, 2018

Your thoughts run wild during the conjunction between clever Mercury and unconventional Uranus, your ruler, on May 13, putting additional electricity in your everyday interactions. You’re already a very social person, and this transit takes meetups to an exciting level. There are always risks when you indulge in impulsive behavior, but you’re much more of an “I’d rather regret something I did than something I didn’t do” kind of person. Driven Mars barges into your airy sign on the sixteenth, causing some uneven energy and frustration. Angry outbursts come from out of nowhere and may surprise even you as you make a scene over something you aren’t sure you even care very much about. Use your trademark unconventional methods to get to the heart of what’s really bothering you, Aquarius, before your erratic behavior causes real problems. You find it extremely difficult to ignore worldwide problems like hunger and the environment during the Jupiter-Neptune trine on May 25, and social justice becomes your own personal cause. People may question your effectiveness, but if you didn’t think that one person could make a difference, you wouldn’t be out there championing your cause. It’s enough to believe in yourself.

April 16, 2018

Come out and play or stay in your cocoon? You’ll need to dip in and out of the public scene this month, as the planets gather in two contrasting camps. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries and your social third house, which will spark synergies and fill your calendar with lively invitations. But Mars, Saturn and Pluto are hunkered down in Capricorn and your hidden twelfth house, exerting a strong pull for you to slip off the grid or dive into some healing inner work. Instead of setting every device to airplane mode for three weeks, choose your engagements carefully. You’ll need to selectively show up to meetings and events while the Sun is in Aries until April 19. Even your naturally outgoing sign needs downtime, but isolation is a no-no. (When you get too lost in your thoughts, you can go waaaay out there, Aquarius!) The third house is linked to the verbal and more left-brained type of linear communication while the twelfth house governs the subconscious and right-brained creativity. Strike a healthy balance, leaving room for analyzing AND imagination.

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