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October 8, 2019

Power player Mars enters your subtle sign on October 3, creating indecisive energy. Don’t spend too long weighing the pros and cons of an opportunity, Libra, or you might miss out on it altogether. Loving Venus enters intense Scorpio on the eighth, making you extremely determined when it comes to love and money. When you want something now, it’s difficult to stop you, so be sure you have clear-set goals before you start something that’s about to gain momentum. Unexpected news concerning your love life can be challenging to deal with during the Venus-Uranus opposition on October 12, especially if it comes from out of the blue. Is it possible you’ve been wrong about someone or something this whole time? Staying busy dealing with the drama of it all might help delay the pain. An uplifting Venus-Pluto sextile arrives on the twenty-fifth, giving you very strong persuasive skills. If you need to convince your boss you need a raise, or you want to win an argument against a friend or partner, you can do it now. Let your intuition guide you.

September 8, 2019

The Venus-Neptune opposition on the fourth could lead to embarrassment or disappointment if you fall prey to someone who has bad intentions. Unfortunately, your good nature can get you mixed up with people who want to take advantage of you, Libra, so be on the lookout for people who might not be who they pretend to be. The moon is full in compassionate Pisces on the thirteenth, leading to creativity in play and romance. You won’t let your inhibitions down easily now, but if you’re with someone you know you can trust, the sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish together. The brilliant sun enters your peace-seeking sign on September 23, bringing a sense of balance and fairness to all your interactions. You seek to compromise instead of starting conflicts and confrontations, but be sure you don’t sacrifice your own wants and needs for someone else’s. The energetic new moon is in your beauty-loving sign on the twenty-eighth, so new people you meet will be good looking and projects you start will have an attractive aesthetic. This is the perfect time to redecorate your home or get a complete makeover. Looks aren’t everything, but they do count.

August 9, 2019

With Mercury now direct in soft-spoken Cancer at the start of the month, you explore deeper connections with the people you care about. Talking about important issues with your BFF helps strengthen your already amazing bond. If you’ve been regretting an opportunity that you let slip by in the last several months, you might get another crack at it when Jupiter goes direct on August 11. If issues come back around now, see if you’ve evolved enough to take advantage of them this time. Quirky Uranus turns retrograde that same day, so watch out for self-destructive habits to rise to the surface. You’re the only one who can make major changes in your life, Libra, and the time to take the first step is now. The sun enters Virgo’s practical sign on the twenty-third, giving you a chance to show everyone how responsible you can be. This is a good time to finish projects, plow through red tape, and pay attention to health problems (especially stomach issues). An enlightening sun-Uranus trine arrives on August 29, which could lead to an encouraging time of self-discovery. Learn to listen to yourself when it really matters. Become the guidance you’ve been looking for. After all, who knows you better than you do?!

July 7, 2019

When your ruler Venus enters caring and compassionate Cancer on July 3, your close relationships become closer. You view yourself as a protector and nurturer now, so it’s important that everyone in your circle is well taken care of. Give lots of hugs! Wounded Chiron in determined Aries goes retrograde on the eighth, giving you time to heal. Have you been beating yourself up harder than the world has? The first step to feeling better is giving yourself a big dose of TLC, Libra. There’s a full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 that could negatively affect several areas of your life, including your career. If you own a business or work for yourself, look for problems to arise that could cost you down the line. A sun-Mercury conjunction in Cancer on the twenty-first helps you get rid of some negativity you’ve been dealing with and infuses your mood with a more hopeful energy. Put on your thinking cap. An idea might come to you in a dream or premonition that’s too good not to act on. Venus enters outgoing Leo on July 27, making your love life extra dramatic. When something amazing happens, you can’t help oversharing on social media. All your friends are going to be super jealous, Libra!

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