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June 3, 2019

What should you focus on during the learning-oriented new Gemini moon on June 3? Sign up for a class covering your favorite subject or watch a documentary about a topic that interests you. The more ways you can figure out how to feed your brain, the better! Lovely Venus also spends time in Gemini starting on the eighth, piquing your curiosity about someone or something new. What did you do before this person or thing came into your life?! Whether it’s a new TV show or relationship, you can’t wait to find out what the next episode reveals. The Sagittarius full moon on June 17 awakens your need for stimulation. When was the last time you explored your own neighborhood or went on a vacation to an exotic location? It doesn’t really matter how many miles you travel. If you’re not in your own familiar surroundings, you’re happy. You’ll have to battle against your “fight or flight” instincts during the Mars-Pluto retrograde opposition on the nineteenth, but staying put is worth it. Personal growth includes showing up and dealing with your current issues, Libra, so do what it takes to hang in there and get through the tough stuff.

May 9, 2019

Will the Venus-Saturn retrograde square on May 7 add stress to an already trying situation? Possibly. But how you handle things has a huge influence on how they turn out. Stay as graceful as possible under pressure. The first Venus-Mars sextile of the year occurs on the fourteenth, so if you don’t take advantage of the positive energy now, you’ll get another chance in early December. But why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on this transit’s confident energy? You’re sexy and you know it! Loving Venus enters sensual Taurus the next day, furthering your appetite for pleasure. You desire physical expressions of love and attraction now, and you aren’t easily satisfied with less. You get massive brownie points for being patient. A Venus-Uranus conjunction in traditional Taurus on May 18 tones down this aspect’s unconventional energy somewhat, but you might still want to ponder the unfamiliar and experiment with innovative new techniques. Change can be exciting! Big plans and ideas are swirling around during the Mercury-Jupiter retrograde opposition on the thirtieth, but don’t let the details get buried in the process. You need to pay attention to all aspects of a project to make sure it's successful.

April 19, 2019

A new moon in Aries on April 5 shows you what you can do if you dig in and stop procrastinating! The powerful energy of this new moon cycle makes you slightly more aggressive than usual, which you can use to your advantage. No more Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy! A gentler Venus-Neptune conjunction on the tenth brings the potential for new romance (or the rekindling of an old one), but the situation is based on love and compassion, not lust. This transit can also strengthen an existing relationship if you can put aside past disappointments and focus on the moment. The full moon in your sign on April 19 helps restore the balance in a relationship, which is something you’ve probably been craving for quite some time. The potential for a romantic relationship or business partnership is higher now than ever before. Take the next step, whatever you mutually decide that will be. You might be tempted to slack off somewhat when responsible Saturn goes retrograde on the twenty-ninth, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little break. You run into problems when you miss a deadline or skip an important meeting, so if that’s your choice, you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

March 7, 2019

A Venus-Uranus square on March 1 starts the month with more questions than answers. When romantic or financial stability is uncertain, become a creative problem solver. The more innovative you are, the more success you’ll have. Mercury goes retrograde on the fifth, and you probably already know what that means. Communication mix-ups? Yup. Technological glitches? Probably. Working on solutions is fine, but having patience until Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth is a must. The sun enters enthusiastic Aries on March 20, so you’ll be anxious to get things started. Overlooking details now will just create problems in the end, though. Try not to let your impulsive actions overshadow doing things correctly. A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-first causes you to be more competitive than usual, so letting someone else win is probably out of the question. If you can’t be fair when it comes to love, though, maybe you shouldn’t be playing the game. Love goddess Venus softens when she drifts into Pisces on March 26, making the vibe dreamlike and romantic. Watery Pisces likes to go with the flow, so why not see where it takes you? Causing waves now would be counterproductive.

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