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February 5, 2020

It’s hard to ignore your gut feelings when Mercury starts spending time in your intuitive sign on February 3. For the next couple weeks, it’s important to pay close attention to your daydreams and stream of consciousness. Your subconscious should have the answers to a lot of your questions now, Pisces. Have faith in your first instincts and impressions. They’re usually correct. Leader Mars teams up with ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth, and this power couple wants to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You aren’t normally comfortable taking the initiative, but right now making the first move can bring a lot more rewards than keeping silent will. You feel comfortable in your own skin as the sun moves into your compassionate sign on February 18, and your creative, imaginative, and peace-loving personality shines through for the coming month. An introvert at heart, you’re happiest at home with a book and your favorite pet. Don’t give in to peer pressure to go out and do things. You deserve to spend time in your own happy place, wherever that may be. You’ll be in a contemplative mood during the new moon in your sign on February 23, but don’t let regrets overshadow your accomplishments. Sure, you’ve probably made a few wrong moves, but who hasn’t? Decide to forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on.

January 1, 2020

The calming effect of the full moon and lunar eclipse in loving Cancer on January 10 reaches into the depths of your soul and promises to help you sort out your biggest worries. And even better news? You can use the lingering effect of this lunation all month long to create a sense of love and security in your own little circle of friends and loved ones. When loving Venus pairs up with your sensitive sign on the thirteenth, you allow yourself to open up and be more compassionate and caring to the people you trust. Letting down your inhibitions will be difficult with strangers, and there’s no real reason to do it. When your intuition warns you to be cautious, listen to it. The moon enters your own compassionate, caring sign on January 26, which will give you heightened intuition and sensitivity. When you say you have a feeling about someone or something, you mean it. Paying attention to your dreams and gut instincts now will pay off big, Pisces. There’s a difficult Mars-Neptune square to deal with on the twenty-eighth, causing you to be filled with suspicion and/or doubt. It’s very difficult for you when you feel you can’t trust the people closest to you, isn’t it? What’s holding you back from letting your guard down? Once you identify the problem, you can start working on finding a solution.

December 2, 2019

When Jupiter moves into serious Capricorn on December 2, you’ll be looking for more concrete results than you expected during its turn through easygoing Sagittarius. You might be able to rely on a sprinkling of good luck here and there, Pisces, but it comes connected to hard work and effort rather than on its own, out of the blue. You could develop a case of the lazies during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, and you might have a hard time getting motivated. Hypochondria is another issue that might come up now, leaving you to wonder what else could possibly happen. The good news is that most of it is probably in your head. The shining sun enters persistent Capricorn on December 21, encouraging you to keep moving forward toward an important personal or professional goal. If you’ve felt like giving up lately, this transit should renew your drive. A fortunate sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh enhances your sense of destiny and renews your belief in “meant to be.” Were you just thinking about someone before they texted? Were you having a hard time making a decision when you found out that one of the options was suddenly off the table? There are no coincidences now, Pisces.

November 10, 2019

It’s time to learn more about love and money while Venus spends time in openminded, adventurous Sagittarius starting on November 1. Truth and higher meaning are something you’re searching for now, and you never know when and where you’ll find it. Remain open to new experiences and advice. The moon passes through your sensitive sign on the sixth and seventh, so you aren’t in a confrontational mood. Is it bad that you’d rather look the other way than report a crime or get involved in a dispute of any kind? Not really. Unless asked directly to get involved, it’s okay to sit quietly on the sidelines. Beautiful Venus squares your dreamy home planet Neptune in retrograde on November 14, leading to feelings of insecurity about how you look or just unworthiness in general. Not standing up for yourself is usually a problem, Pisces, and it can be even more pronounced now. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your giving, trusting nature. Spiritual Neptune goes direct on the twenty-seventh, urging you to search for more meaning in your everyday life. Exploring new religions or ideologies in your quest for an experience with a higher power can be deep and meaningful. Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Don’t give up trying to be good just because you feel like you’ll never be perfect.

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