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June 3, 2019

Mercury rules communication issues, and when it enters sensitive kindred water sign Cancer on June 4, you embrace the caring and compassionate qualities you share. You might be moodier than usual, but that’s only because you care so deeply about others and what they’re going through. You carry your tenderheartedness through the Mars-Neptune trine on the fourteenth as your magnetic attractiveness seems to draw all types of people to you. You won’t click with everyone, but artsy, creative types really get you now, and vice versa. Your power planet Neptune slips into a retrograde cycle while in Pisces on June 21, giving you the next several months to make internal changes. You might have a hard time deciding where to start, but that’s just a small bump in the road. Once you identify your biggest issues, you can move on to trying to fix them. Talkative Mercury is in Leo by the end of the month (the twenty-sixth, to be exact), which changes up your communication game. You’re much bolder and more outgoing now, so it’s easier to talk to strangers. Are you ready for some new people in your life? Socializing and networking are easier now than ever.

May 9, 2019

Talkative Mercury spends time in patient Taurus starting on May 6, so your words are slow and steady. Be on the lookout for more conservative or traditional thinking than usual. You run the risk of becoming dangerously closed-minded now. A sun-Neptune sextile on the ninth raises your sensitivity level and makes you susceptible to harsh words from people you thought you were close to. Is it possible you’re taking things too personally? Authoritative Mars enters sensitive Cancer on May 15, so a lot of your decisions will be based on moods. Don’t announce you’ve made a final decision until you are 100 percent sure. And even then, wait a few more minutes! The Gemini sun will be in the sky for a month starting on the twenty-first, furthering your somewhat flaky reputation. When the Twins are in the picture, you have an even harder time making up your mind. The last day of the month brings a harmonious Venus-Saturn retrograde trine that makes you seek out people you can respect and trust. If you’re going to work with someone on a long-term project or pursue a long-term relationship with them, you want to be sure it starts out on solid ground.

April 19, 2019

Deep, spiritual bonding can take place when loving Venus conjoins your home planet Neptune on April 10. Take the opportunity to strengthen a friendship or romantic relationship by confiding in each other. You’re connected at the soul. There’s no doubt that luck is on your side during the sun-Jupiter retrograde trine on the fourteenth, so think about that when you’re ready to make your next move. You’d be foolish to waste any forward progress you’ve already started, but hold off on making new plans. The time is right to sit back and enjoy the happy vibe. Communicative Mercury enters rapid Aries on April 16, so your objective is to think fast and speak even faster. You don’t get bogged down in details. Let someone else worry about those. Right now, you’re headed for the finish line! Sexy Venus enters excitable Aries on the twentieth, so you never know what might happen from one minute to the next. You love this spontaneous energy, but the unknown can be nerve-wracking, too. Just go wherever the mood takes you. When serious Saturn turns retrograde on April 29, old fears might come back to haunt you. Try to remember that you’re good enough for whatever life deals you. You might not know the answer, Pisces, but you’ll find it.

March 7, 2019

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, which isn’t the best news for you, Pisces. You love for things to just roll along smoothly, which is not what Mercury retrograde is all about. Use your famous imagination to retreat when reality gets too tough to deal with. A Mars-Neptune sextile on the tenth points you in the right direction, but you must take the first step. Initiative isn’t always your thing, but if you want something (or someone) bad enough, you’ll figure out how to make the first move. The bright sun enters Aries on March 20, but you don’t always vibe with the Ram’s driven, sometimes pushy attitude. You will benefit from some of the newfound courage you feel, but don’t overdo it. Venture out a little bit, but stay within your comfort zone. Lovely Venus moves into your dreamy sign on the twenty-sixth, opening the door for romance. You’re tender, affectionate, and trusting, and you need someone who respects and adores you. If you’re not with that person or haven’t found them yet, know in your heart that’s what you deserve. Mercury finally goes direct on March 28, giving you back the peace that you crave. Everything might not go back to normal right away, but you’ll settle for even the smallest relief it gives.

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