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February 1, 2019

Can you say “no retrogrades”?! February is a short month during which your life should be headed in a forward direction like the planets - for the most part. A Mars-Pluto square on February 1 presents its share of power struggles, but you’re in firm control of your own destiny. A Mercury-Mars sextile on the seventh speeds things up, so your reflexes and reaction times are on point. Your usual urge to succeed is in overdrive, letting you accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. Your power planet Mars enters stubborn Taurus on February 14, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hmm. Do you want to spend this romantic day arguing, Aries, or would you rather choose love? Your decision! The moon moves into sexy Scorpio on the twenty-third, so you’re prone to deeper expressions and solid commitments. This extends to platonic relationships, too, so strengthening a friendship is a good possibility. The sun-Mars sextile on February 27 boosts your confidence and makes everything seem possible. Focus on your number one priority and avoid procrastination as much as possible.

January 8, 2019

Your ruler Mars is at home in your powerful sign all month, making it possible to have massive success. People who can further your career notice your competitive drive, and your courage helps you advance your love life to new and exciting levels. There’s a surge of positive energy when Uranus goes direct in your sign on January 6, making this a perfect time to take the next steps in a project that’s been stalled. You know that new idea you want to implement? Do it now! A Venus-Mars trine on the eighteenth is a very balanced transit, helping you harness some of your extreme enthusiasm and direct it in a positive, productive way. What do you want to accomplish most? Your creativity is one of your best assets. Mars trines lucky Jupiter on January 25, and your strong self-belief makes you legendary. People want to be you – or at least be as much like you as possible. Nothing seems impossible right now. The moon enters practical Capricorn on the last day of the month, giving a grounding end to an exciting time. Use your spare moments to plan your next move. Odds are it’s going to be a big one.

December 4, 2018

The confusion caused by Mercury retrograde is unavoidable as it reverses into Scorpio on December 1, but you’re dedicated to getting to the bottom of things. You’re able to conquer the worst of what Mercury retrograde throws at you with your inner strength and determination. The bright sun squares your power planet Mars on the second, putting your competitive drive to the test. You may appear irritable and impatient, but your strong reactions are symbolic of your commitment to winning. You welcome every challenge that comes your way. You’re solely focused on your goals and accomplishments as the new moon enters ambitious Capricorn on December 8, but isn’t there more to life than getting the job done? If you don’t feel as motivated when you get up in the morning, look for other things that make you happy. You get a welcome burst of energy from the Mars-Pluto sextile on the seventeenth, so you can get a lot of holiday shopping or decorating done. “Procrastination” isn’t in your vocabulary, so you’re able to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

November 4, 2018

November can be tricky to navigate, Aries, so stay on your toes. The big news for you this month is Uranus retrograde backing into your sign on November 6 and creating a lot of urgency to get things done. Is this chaos? Not necessarily, but your desire to do things in an unusual (or just different) way could be more of a hindrance than a help. Venus is also retrograde when she forms a friendly trine to Mars on the ninth, increasing your need for social contact but not necessarily ensuring that things will work out the way you’d like them to. You rarely back down from a challenge (you’re usually the one running toward the fire, not away from it), but the retrograde of Venus might dish out more than you’re prepared for. You aren’t one to give up, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few steps back when you realize that things aren’t going your way. The sun enters adventurous Sagittarius on November 22, and your need to connect with the world (and something bigger than yourself) is high. Traveling and higher education are your focus. Don’t limit yourself to what you can see.

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