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June 10, 2018

You start the month with increased mental energy as communicative Mercury trines your home planet of Mars on June 1. Studying and learning new things comes easily, and taking tests should be a breeze. Debating is also ideal during this transit, so don’t hesitate to express your ideas and opinions loudly and proudly. If there’s an argument, you’ll probably win it. Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on the thirteenth, igniting sparks between you and someone you’re attracted to. You need extra validation that you’re attractive and desirable because your ego needs a constant boost. You may pout if you don’t get the attention you seek, but your Aries strength won’t let you wallow in self-pity for long. The Venus-Mars opposition on June 21 increases sexual tension and sensual desires, but the timing may not be right to act. Putting in a valiant effort won’t always get you what you want, which can be annoying. Use creative outlets to vent your frustration when you can’t get your way. When Mercury enters Leo on the twenty-ninth, you start to think about the big picture. Let someone else worry about all the insignificant little details. Right now, you’ve got a grand plan that you can’t wait to put into action.

May 10, 2018

Your month gets off to a vocally aggressive start when Mercury, the great communicator, squares off with your ruler, feisty Mars, on May 12. Jumping to conclusions puts you in an awkward spot as you try to navigate tricky communications. The times when getting angry and/or overreacting will help your case are few and far between. Mars jumps into curious, eccentric Aquarius on the sixteenth, creating some very hit-or-miss energy levels. You might agree to go out with friends one minute but be asleep when they come to get you (perhaps you dozed off due to momentary boredom). You’re very hard to read when you get in this kind of mood, but you do like to keep people on their toes! A sun-Mars trine on May 24 is the gentle push you need to start a DIY project, and your enthusiasm is contagious. Lucky for you, because the more people you get to help, the faster you get things finished and looking fabulous. A full moon in airy Sagittarius on the twenty-ninth motivates you to find the truth and move beyond current unpleasant situations. Put old issues to rest so you can look to the future without reservations.

April 16, 2018

All hail the radiant Ram! It’s Aries season—meaning the Sun is making its annual sojourn through your sign until April 19—and you should be feeling in your element. Not only is it birthday time for you, Aries; it’s an annual reset in astrology, as you start your “solar return” and begin another journey around the Sun. Where would you like to make a fresh start? Which brilliant brainstorms do you want to put into action? Turn to a clean page in that mental journal, but feel free to stay in the ideation phase until mid-month. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and mobility, is in its powered-down retrograde phase from March 22 until April 15. And Mercury is backtracking through YOUR sign, which can leave you feeling misunderstood, road-blocked and impatient. Don’t fight this tide, Aries. Retrogrades are best used for reflection and review. Hard as it may be to slow down, you’ll get MUCH more accomplished if you attend to unfinished projects and do your behind-the-scenes work before you charge into anything.

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