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September 3, 2018

Are you tired of downtime? Saturn, your power planet, goes direct on September 6, and you can’t wait to get back to work. You’re ready to put your energy into practical, meaningful applications, and you’re willing to be patient while waiting for the outcome of your effort. Aggressive Mars enters the quirky sign of Aquarius on the tenth, which emphasizes working as part of a team versus individual contributions. You kind of prefer to work on your own, but you will see some advantages to being part of a group. Step out of your comfort zone and try something unconventional while you’re at it, Capricorn – you might just like being a rebel (just this once)! A Mercury-Saturn square on September 23 stresses paying attention to the details, something at which you already excel. Your mind is exceptionally clear right now, which helps you succeed in all areas. Memorization is a breeze. A challenging sun-Saturn square on the twenty-fifth asks you to prove yourself, but don’t feel too bad if you don’t perform your best under pressure. You’re still a shining star, Capricorn. Keep trying new methods until you get it right.

August 17, 2018

A Mars retrograde-Uranus square on August 1 could lead to an increase in inventiveness and creative breakthroughs, but failures can be very public. Try things out behind the scenes before you debut something that isn’t quite ready for prime time. Mars, still retrograde, enters your sign on the twelfth, so all the energy you’d normally exert trying to get the job done is turned inward. Keep in mind that there will be setbacks and roadblocks, but getting angry won’t do a thing. Patience is always key as you navigate through retrograde cycles. A Jupiter-Neptune retrograde trine follows on August 19, and your intuition works overtime to get messages through to you. Pay close attention to dreams and gut feelings, and don’t be surprised when others come to you for spiritual or moral guidance. You might not know it all, but giving good, sound advice doesn’t require you to be an expert so long as you have the desire to help. Recognition for your achievements comes easily when the sun trines your ruler Saturn (in retrograde) on the twenty-fifth, but you should strive to maintain respect for your co-workers, as well as a strong sense of professionalism. The moment you start thinking you’re better than someone else is when the problems begin.

July 1, 2018

Your home planet of Saturn is usually forward focused and ready to go, but because it will be in a retrograde cycle this whole month, you’ll feel a definite slowdown in normal daily activity. Spend your downtime wisely devising strategies and methods that will help you increase productivity once things are up and running at a normal pace. A solar eclipse coincides with a new moon in Cancer on the twelfth, bringing a time of self-focus. Deeply personal issues will come to the forefront now, and your heightened sensitivity could cause you to take things out of context. Surround yourself with loved ones who clearly have your best interests at heart. A helpful trine between Venus and Saturn retrograde on July 14 is a relationship stabilizer, and you should finally be able to cement certain issues that you’ve been questioning lately. You’re happy when everything comes together like you always envisioned it would. The moon spends time in your determined sign on July 25 and July 26, and you’re focused on getting what you want. You may not get any help from the people around you, but you barely notice. You’re used to initiating projects, finishing them, and doing every job in between, so why should this be any different?

June 10, 2018

Your home planet of Saturn is retrograde until September, so keep that in mind as you navigate through this month. You may be held accountable for some previous actions that weren’t well thought through. And when communicative Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15, you could feel extreme regret or remorse about something you can’t do much to change. This could lead to some very difficult and challenging personal situations that aren’t easy to get out of. On a positive note, however, being supercritical of yourself can bring some things to light that you’re able to change. Be thankful for those opportunities to improve yourself. The bright sun enters caring Cancer on the twenty-first, so you will be able to experience healing at that point. When you’re sympathetic to others, you get some much-needed nurturing and encouragement in return. The sun opposes Saturn on June 27, which can make it harder for you to express your true self. Putting distance (actual or emotional) between you and a loved one will only prolong the inevitable. A quick Mercury-Uranus square on the thirtieth scatters your energy, so multitasking isn’t as easy as it usually is. Choose one thing you must get done and focus on that as much as possible.

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