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June 10, 2018

Your home planet of Saturn is retrograde until September, so keep that in mind as you navigate through this month. You may be held accountable for some previous actions that weren’t well thought through. And when communicative Mercury opposes Saturn on June 15, you could feel extreme regret or remorse about something you can’t do much to change. This could lead to some very difficult and challenging personal situations that aren’t easy to get out of. On a positive note, however, being supercritical of yourself can bring some things to light that you’re able to change. Be thankful for those opportunities to improve yourself. The bright sun enters caring Cancer on the twenty-first, so you will be able to experience healing at that point. When you’re sympathetic to others, you get some much-needed nurturing and encouragement in return. The sun opposes Saturn on June 27, which can make it harder for you to express your true self. Putting distance (actual or emotional) between you and a loved one will only prolong the inevitable. A quick Mercury-Uranus square on the thirtieth scatters your energy, so multitasking isn’t as easy as it usually is. Choose one thing you must get done and focus on that as much as possible.

May 10, 2018

A new moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on May 15 brings the energy level down a bit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of this downtime. You’re always looking for a way to work more quickly and efficiently, and some brilliant brainstorming helps you come up with useful tactics. Moneymaking ideas and investment strategies are particularly profitable right now, so follow your financial instincts. Your home planet of Saturn isn’t a major player this month, but it does make some significant appearances. A Mercury-Saturn (retrograde) trine on the eighteenth brings communication up a notch, especially when it comes to catching small details like typos and math errors. Grammar and calculations come under scrutiny, and any mistakes you find and correct will be greatly appreciated. There’s a Venus-Saturn opposition on May 26 that leads you to question whether you’re responsible for relationship difficulties, and there are no easy answers. Sometimes trying to make things better only makes things worse, and that leads to some major disappointments and regret. Finding a way to apologize and show you care might be the best you can do right now.

April 16, 2018

Fly free, or get closer? You’ll be tugged between autonomy and intimacy as the planets crowd into two contrasting camps this April. This may force you to juggle the dueling desires to tend to family obligations and to “do you.” You might also vacillate between bursts of can-do energy and periods when you just need to rest or escape into a creative cocoon. Loved ones could clamor for your wisdom and support, but set clear limits so you don’t end up overburdened with their responsibilities. We urge you to prioritize your own dreams and desires because enlivening Mars—the planet of drive, determination and action—is in Capricorn from March 17 to May 16. The red planet only visits your sign every two years, and you won’t want to squander an iota of this charismatic, creative energy. A solo project could heat up and, with Mars boosting your mojo, you’ll magnetize some ardent fans and admirers with little effort. Enjoy the celestial swagger that your exalted ruler bestows upon you!

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