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June 3, 2019

Most Scorpios like the energy coming from Mercury in Cancer on June 4, mostly because you can identify with the Crab’s “keep to myself” nature. If you want to share a secret, your trusted BFF will be the first to know. The fourteenth brings a sensual Mars-Neptune trine that has you feeling some type of way. Your sultry charm works on practically everyone, but you’re only interested in seducing one special person. If someone is fortunate enough to have you as their lover, they’re truly one of the lucky ones. Your expectations and demands are high, though. The Sagittarius full moon takes you out of your comfort zone on June 17 and helps you explore new worlds. As a fixed sign, you’re comfortable in your steady routine, but going outside it every once in a while provides you with thrilling memories to last a lifetime. Your co-ruler Mars opposes your other ruler Pluto (in retrograde) on the nineteenth, creating quite an interesting environment for you. Will you be forced to side with one ruler or the other when they go up against each other? No. Even though they’re on opposite sides now, you can figure out a way to use these two powerhouses to work to your advantage. Victory will be yours!

May 9, 2019

The harmonious Mercury-Mars sextile on May 1 gets your month off to a successful start. Use the driven energy from this aspect to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. A Taurus new moon on the fourth brings the pace down somewhat as you shift your focus to the long term. Finances are a part of this pairing, so now is an excellent time to consult an investment pro to help you get your money in order. Venus forms a square to your co-ruler Pluto (in retrograde) on May 9, which could cause conflict where there wasn’t any before. Is it possible you’re overthinking a personal or professional situation? Things aren’t always what they seem, so don’t assume the worst. One of the best transits for romance is the Venus-Mars sextile on the fourteenth, so take full advantage of the sexual energy swirling around you right now. You’re a naturally desirable sign, and your hotness intensifies when your confidence is elevated. A full moon in your sign on May 18 creates mesmerizing mysteries that you can’t stay away from. Your burning desire to find out top-secret info and solve the case before anyone else does is admirable, but try not to become obsessive. Some answers just aren’t available.?

April 19, 2019

The new moon is in Aries on April 5, adding fiery energy to your everyday routine. You get things done at record speed, but some of the details you’re known for being on top of could get lost in the shuffle. If there’s a way to stay focused and finish on time, you’ll find it. The start of a Jupiter retrograde cycle on the tenth gives you a reason to reconsider a lot of things you’ve done recently, and you might wonder if destiny played a role in recent events. Are you to blame or was there little you could have done to avoid your current fate? Information guru Mercury spends time in enthusiastic Aries starting on April 16, at which point you aren’t as concerned with the details as you are the big picture. And when you have an idea, you don’t keep it to yourself for long. Co-ruler Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from the twenty-fourth until the start of October, giving you plenty of time to dial back making the power plays you’re used to. You’re a sign that likes to be in control, but what happens when you step aside and give the reins to someone else?

March 7, 2019

Communications master Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, bringing complications you don’t need. If you have an important work deadline, ask for an extension until after Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth. If you can’t get one, focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t. A Mars-Neptune sextile on the tenth creates mystically alluring energy, attracting you to people and things without knowing why. Does there always have to be a reason? Sometimes “because I want to” is good enough. The sun sextiles your co-ruler Pluto on March 13, giving you a powerful feeling of purpose and fulfillment. Relying on others to help make your dreams come true isn’t your style right now. You’re determined to shine on your own or not at all. The sun enters driven Aries on the twentieth, so you attack things enthusiastically for the next month. Spontaneity can lead to some unexpected (and not always positive) consequences, but that’s all part of the ride you’re on right now.

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