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June 10, 2018

A trine between talkative Mercury and Mars, your power planet, on June 1 puts your brain on high alert. You have an innately curious nature, and this transit drives you to educate yourself on a broad range of topics. Maybe you can’t know all there is to know about everything, but that doesn’t stop you from trying! Jealousy could be an even bigger problem than normal when Venus forms an opposition to moody Pluto retrograde on the fifth, so don’t jump to conclusions. Is it possible that there’s more than one side to the story? Make sure you get all the info before you accuse a partner or lover of any wrongdoing. A Venus-Mars opposition on June 21 brings relationship struggles, especially when it comes to sex and power. You love having the upper hand, but taking an aggressive approach doesn’t always work. You’ll have to learn some romantic lessons the hard way. A sun-Saturn retrograde opposition on the twenty-seventh really takes you out of the driver’s seat, and you could miss out on important opportunities because of other people’s actions (or inaction). This feeling of helplessness or lack of control won’t last long, but it’s almost unbearable while it does.

May 10, 2018

A trine between the sun and retrograde Pluto on May 11 takes your investigative curiosity to a whole new level. Not only do you want to learn all you can about current events and/or mysterious topics but you’ll also go to great lengths to cover up your research. You love to be the only one who knows whatever secrets you’ve managed to find, and you’ll covertly think of a way to use it to your advantage at some point in the future. When Mars enters friendly Aquarius on the sixteenth, you’re much more group-oriented than usual. It’s fair to say that you aren’t typically the first person to step up and volunteer for group outings or events, but you benefit from a boost in social energy under the Water Bearer’s influence. You can do a lot when you’re less focused on personal gain and more dedicated to the greater good. The sun-Mars trine on May 23 takes your sex drive up several notches, and you ooze sensuality and passion. Your charm is mesmerizing, and most people are powerless against it. If you’ve wanted to fulfill a certain fantasy, you won’t get much resistance now from a partner or wannabe lover!

April 16, 2018

Lean in or expand? You’re tugged in dueling directions this April, as the stars cluster into two camps: one pushing for growth and adventure, the other demanding attention to detail. At times this might feel like one step forward, two steps back. But ideally, you’ll come to find the balance between blue-sky dreaming and pragmatic planning, as well as a way to turn your visionary ideas into a viable reality. Assisting you on the practical end of things is the Sun, which is making its annual sojourn through Aries and your sensible sixth house until April 19. Focus on getting the nuts and bolts of life in order, from your spring fitness plans to prioritizing all those tasks that have piled up in recent weeks. And with Mercury—the planet of technology, communication and travel—in low-power retrograde from March 22 to April 15, it could be hard to stay on top of all the details. Mercury is backtracking through Aries, which can ramp up stress levels and make you prone to meltdowns. Guard your immune system with some extra boosters. Luckily, the day Mercury retrograde ends also delivers the year’s only Aries new moon, the perfect moment to put any budding dreams and schemes into concrete action… one well-planned step at a time!

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