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October 6, 2018

Communicative Mercury forms a square to your co-ruler, Pluto, on October 2 before moving into your sign a week later. You could experience some extremely intense social interactions during the square that blow away even you. When someone impresses you with their words or actions, you’re definitely surprised. Mercury in your sign on the ninth allows conversations to reach a very deep and intimate level. The more you find out, the more you want to know. The sun-Pluto square on October 12 could uncover some deep psychological issues that you aren’t quite ready to deal with. It’s okay to wait until you’re more comfortable to reveal anything deeply personal. Just remember that the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with are on your side. The sun enters your amazingly confident sign on the twenty-third, so accomplishing the impossible might be an option for you. Your talents and abilities can get you far, so don’t be afraid to take the first step toward greatness. A full moon in Taurus on October 24 intensifies your strong-willed personality, making it an excellent time to push a project through to completion. You know those barricades that have been in your way? You’re about to plow right through them!

September 3, 2018

A new month means new opportunities. Mercury enters earthy Virgo on September 5, and you’re on board with its analytical and practical nature. Yes, you’re an emotional water sign, but you can appreciate a no-nonsense approach sometimes, too. Venus enters your sultry sign on September 9, creating an extremely intense energy. You desire extreme closeness with others and are deeply hurt when they disappoint you. Is there a chance you’re not going to take their actions personally? No way. The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth brings positive changes your way, but you’re not quite ready to take a giant leap. Make the outline for a makeover or renovation, but don’t start any prep or demo work. There’s still time to change your mind before you initiate that first step. The Venus-Saturn sextile that same night helps you take a practical, common-sense approach to money matters, making this a great time to activate a budget. Do you really need that expensive coffee every morning? Figure out which expenses you can eliminate so you can start building (or growing) your nest egg. The powerful sun-Mars trine on September 27 is a great way to end the month because you have a deep understanding of what’s driving you. Now that you’re aware of your own motivations, you can continue conquering everything in your path!

August 17, 2018

Your power planet Mars is retrograde until August 27, Scorpio, so it isn’t quite working full force when it forms a square to rebellious Uranus on the first. You can still reach some interesting and creative breakthroughs, but work out the kinks of innovative projects in private before showing them to the world. Uranus also moves into a retrograde cycle on August 7, making you even more curious than usual about human behavior. You should be able to find out some interesting and surprising bits of information during this transit – and your actions might also not be what others have come to expect from you. There’s a little bit of an “anything goes” vibe right now, and while you typically like more structure, it’s possible for you to get carried away in the chaos. Mars retrograde enters ambitious Capricorn on the twelfth, and something you’ve been working on gains momentum. You’re usually a reliable person, but something about this combo can make you backtrack and second-guess yourself. Frustration doesn’t look good on you, Scorpio, but it’s an outfit you might not be able to avoid wearing. The Venus-Pluto retrograde square on August 26 produces tension based on jealousy. You can’t help the way you feel, but you can control how you express it.

July 1, 2018

There’s a great learning opportunity during the Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5. Things happen when these two planets sit opposite one another. You’ll want to have the last word, but you can learn quite a bit by remaining quiet and listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions. An opposition between the sun and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth highlights your stubbornness, and it may cause you to give in to self-destructive behavior. You have all the resources you need to rise above your greatest faults, Scorpio, but your pride may prevent you from getting the help you need. Find a way to put your ego in the back seat and let humility take control of the wheel. The emotional moon is in your sign on July 20 and July 21, giving you the determined boost you need. You’re intrigued by life’s greatest mysteries, and this is an ideal time to try to figure them out. A sun-Mars opposition on the twenty-seventh increases levels of aggression, but you’ll be unbeatable if you can harness it in a constructive way. You start off new projects with unbelievable intensity, but you have trouble maintaining it for long. If you’re going to compete, enter the 100-yard dash rather than a marathon.

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