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October 8, 2019

When your home planet Mercury leaves open-minded Sagittarius for more secretive Scorpio on October 3, you’ll want to uncover the truth—and then keep it to yourself! Avoid gathering information just to use against someone, Gemini. Getting even is never as fun as it sounds. When the emotional moon is full in competitive Aries on the thirteenth, your main objective might be to get ahead at all costs. Are you running toward a goal or away from something? Your motivations affect the outcome. There’s a bright Mercury-Saturn sextile on October 14 that improves clear thinking and organizational skills, and your increased concentration makes this the perfect time to do some tidying up. You probably won’t ever be the type who loves this kind of busywork, but the results speak for themselves. You have detailed, elaborate daydreams during the Venus-Neptune trine on the twenty-first, but getting them confused with reality can be extremely disappointing, There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want as long as you have a concrete plan for how to get it. You’re more inhibited than usual during the Mars-Saturn square on October 27, which can cause problems in your work or love life. Since when are you afraid to stand up and pursue your goals, Gemini? Try to ignore criticism from authority figures if it isn’t constructive.

September 8, 2019

The possibilities seem endless during the Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1. You feel so lucky to have so many options that you can’t help but want to talk about them. People will want to hear what you have to say as long as you don’t brag, Gemini. Your mind is racing during the Mercury-Mars conjunction on the third, which could cause you to say some things you really don’t mean. If you overstep the bounds, apologize immediately. This isn’t a time to be stubborn. Creative writing is a favored activity during the Mercury-Neptune opposition on September 7. Tap in to your imagination now, poets and writers, for the best possible outcome this month! Conversational Mercury enters graceful Libra on the fourteenth, so your words are tinged with tact and politeness. You might not say everything you really feel now, but you’re holding back for a good reason. There’s no point in making someone feel bad if you can avoid it. You see the hard part of love during the Venus-Saturn square on September 25, and you just might not feel like putting in the work. That’s okay, Gemini. Everyone feels like that from time to time. If you feel like there’s more to your lack of effort, however, you might have some hard decisions to make.

August 9, 2019

Your home planet Mercury is now direct in sensitive Cancer, which should help you get your feelings back on track. If you’ve recently said the wrong thing to a friend or lover, a heartfelt apology does wonders now. Mercury pairs up with the feisty Lion on the eleventh, giving you the confidence to say what’s on your mind in a direct and loud manner. You’re pretty sure of yourself, which can take you far in business and romance. You can look forward to successfully changing things up during the Mercury-Uranus square on August 16, because while the sudden increase in the day’s energy can trip up some people, you thrive on a faster pace. Bad news might arrive at some point, though, so try your best to stay focused. A more positive Mercury-Jupiter trine on the twenty-first turns things around, and you should be able to rely on good luck to make a positive change in your life. Being in the right place at the right time or knowing someone at the top will finally pay off. Communicative Mercury enters precise Virgo on August 29, so be sure to prepare for any speeches or important talks ahead of time. Otherwise, your audience is sure to notice and point out any inaccurate facts or mispronunciations.

July 7, 2019

Your guide planet Mercury goes retrograde in confident Leo on July 7, but resist the urge to force communication issues. Using tact to iron out problems is always better than creating sparks because you didn’t think things through. The highly sensitive sun-Neptune trine in water signs Cancer and Pisces on the tenth makes navigating your way difficult, but your intuition is right on now, so use it to find escape routes when you need them. Information is Mercury’s specialty, and when it visits the Crab’s emotional sign on July 19, you tend to take everything very personally. Don’t be too defensive when someone offers you some constructive criticism, Cancer. The sun teams up with the bold Lion on July 22, so why not take some chances? You aren’t afraid to go where your friends won’t go or say what they won’t say. You stand out in the crowd, Gemini. Take a bow and wait for the applause to erupt! The Leo new moon on the thirty-first helps your creativity blossom, and it’s a perfect time to nurture your natural gifts and talents. Are you a great singer? painter? tennis player? Let the world see what you do best. It’s your time to shine.

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