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June 10, 2018

Your ruler Mercury makes its first stop this month in a trine with powerhouse Mars on June 1, and your very persuasive style enables you to talk anyone into doing just about anything. Regarding career, if you’re in sales or marketing, you should see a healthy jump in profits and commissions. Mercury enters sensitive Cancer on the twelfth, making you needier than usual. Craving emotional connection isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but dashed hopes can put you in a funk. Cancer is notoriously moody, and because your Twin status can be confusing enough, those closest to you may not understand who they’re talking to from one minute to the next! There’s less confusion during the Mercury-Neptune trine on the twentieth, but mainly because you have increased intuition. You still may not sweat the details, but you can just feel certain things and sense which path you should take. A Mercury-Uranus square on June 30 ends the month, shaking up your daily routine. You usually dig adventure, but not when it interferes with your intended plans. Make sure you have a second option in mind in case the first one fails.

May 10, 2018

Mercury, your quick-moving home planet, is all over the place (as usual) this month, but take special note of its square with retrograde Pluto on May 7. You benefit from deep and intense interactions and conversations with people, and while there’s a chance you’ll take things too seriously, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. When your thoughts turn to darker topics, balance them out with some lighter ones. The sun enters your sociable sign on the twentieth, and you’re more than ready to have a party or network with potential business partners, co-workers, and/or employees. Just make sure your efforts to talk to virtually everyone on the scene doesn’t lead to you acquiring a flighty, flaky, or fake reputation. Another Mercury-Pluto interaction occurs on May 25, but this time in the form of a less intimidating trine. The energy here is favorable, and it’s easy for you to talk people into doing favors for you (or at least returning ones you did for them earlier in the month). One last notable Mercury transit is when it enters your sign on the twenty-ninth, allowing you to end the month on a high note. You really love puns and wordplay, and you’re an excellent flirt.

April 16, 2018

Come out and play or hibernate a little longer? You could be pulled between dueling desires for a vibrant social life and some time off the grid. As a Gemini, you’re no stranger to such contrasts. You might barely even notice when you swing between intensity and detachment—though your loved ones and colleagues may complain of whiplash. The old “come here, now go away” routine? That could be your standard M.O. throughout April if you aren’t careful. Honor your conflicting needs and be upfront to avoid giving off mixed messages. You can blame this extra dose of duality on the planets’ concentrations in two signs, Aries and Capricorn. This month’s starmap will illuminate your outgoing eleventh house (ruled by Aries) and your intimate eighth house (ruled by Capricorn). You need people AND privacy in equal doses. Go spend time in the middle of the action, working the crowds and posting up a storm on social media—but then retreat to your secret cave to shake off all the energy you’ve absorbed and get stuff done without distractions!

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