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February 1, 2019

On February 4, what will the new moon in quirky fellow air sign Aquarius bring? Whatever it is, it will be interesting for sure. Nothing is predictable - and you love it. Chatty Mercury forms a positive sextile to powerful Mars on the seventh, allowing you to speak with authority and pizazz. When you get up in front of a crowd, there’s no need to use a microphone. Your forceful words carry to the back of the room on their own, no problem. The sun enters compassionate Pisces on February 18, giving you a softer world outlook and making you want to help your fellow humans. Giving money to a charitable organization or volunteering your time are both great ways to show you care about those less fortunate than you. A Mercury-Jupiter square on the twenty-second reduces the number of hoops you’ll have to jump through to get what you want, but there are still some unavoidable challenges. Is life perfect? No. But it’s not bad. The sun-Mars sextile on February 27 bumps your confidence up to a whole new level, so what are you waiting for? Make those moves you’ve been hesitating to make. You can do it, Gemini. There’s nobody better at being you than you!

January 8, 2019

The Mercury-Uranus trine on January 4 has your mind buzzing with new ideas and possibilities. When you get exciting news, it’s hard to keep it a secret. Your mind is wide open, and you welcome the chance to share your thoughts with others. Mercury joins Saturn in practical Capricorn, also on the fourth, and reality can clue you in to the negative aspects of potential outcomes. It’s not that you haven’t looked at things realistically up until now, but this aspect tends to highlight the disappointments instead of your amazing accomplishments. A Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 18 adds depth and intensity to your thoughts, and it’s possible to uncover secrets now without too much effort. Do your best to use your persuasive powers in a positive way. Mercury enters eccentric Aquarius on the twenty-fourth, increasing your outside-the-box thinking. Coming up with alternative solutions to a big problem can save you a lot of time, worry, money, or all the above. You’re on top of it during the sun-Mercury conjunction on January 29, making it easy to gather your thoughts in time to successfully finish a project by month’s end. It’s enough to know you did a good job even if no one says anything.

December 4, 2018

When your home planet Mercury backs into Scorpio on December 1, it affects you a little differently than most. You have a tough time getting along without your favorite apps and virtual connections, so glitches and error messages aren’t easy for you to accept. Use Scorpio’s advanced intuition to feel your way out of the bigger problems you’ll experience. Mercury is still in Scorpio when it goes direct on the sixth, so you can tackle outstanding communication or information issues with intensity. It shouldn’t take you long to get caught up on whatever you missed! The moon enters quirky Aquarius on December 10, stirring up your inner rebel and suggesting it’s a good time to break the rules. Just like any other time, there are consequences to your actions, but they won’t be uppermost in your mind. Good (and most likely unexpected) news accompanies the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-first, which you enthusiastically welcome during the holiday season. With so much on your plate, it’s nice when something goes your way.

November 4, 2018

The more information you can acquire in November the better. The new Scorpio moon’s curiosity on November 7 keeps you interested in unusual phenomena and the unknown. Investigating conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries takes you to some pretty fascinating places. A sun-Pluto sextile on the eleventh drives you to find and pursue your life’s passions, but it isn’t always easy going after major goals. It can be very frustrated when you feel like you have the recipe for success but you’re missing a couple of key ingredients. Patience isn’t your forte, but it’s necessary now. A badly timed Mercury retrograde cycle begins on November 16, just as you’re getting ready to make a big presentation, speech, or request. Your wording is so very important now, especially if you’re trying to impress an employer or ask a friend for a major favor. Rehearse what you’re going to say as many times as it takes to get it right. A full moon in your sign on the twenty-third increases that feeling of restlessness that always seems to be lingering in you. Are you really not content with what you have, or are you just curious about what else is out there? There is a difference, Gemini.

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