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October 6, 2018

The Mercury-Pluto square on October 2 forces you to do some deep thinking and could lead to some extreme thoughts and ideas. Remember, Gemini, radical changes should be gradual. Mercury enters investigative Scorpio on the ninth, encouraging you to use whatever resources necessary to find out valuable information about someone or something you’re interested in. Your curious mind isn’t easily satisfied, so you’ll have to dig deep to find what you’re looking for. A Mercury-Mars square on October 19 could give you a short temper, especially if you feel rushed into a decision. No one knows what you want better than you do, so don’t let anyone pressure you into doing things their way. There’s more time than you think. The sun-Saturn sextile on the twenty-seventh gives you the patience you need to see things through, making it the perfect time to finish a project that’s been on hold. Visualization techniques can help you if you feel stagnant or unsure of how to proceed.

September 3, 2018

Mercury, your power planet, sees a lot of movement this month, starting with a sextile to flirty Venus on September 3. This fun and friendly influence creates harmony in all areas and gives you a welcome break from any stress you’ve been feeling. A Mercury-Saturn trine on the seventh is good for finishing busywork, with an emphasis on school-related tasks, paperwork, and bills. Catching up on the small things now will help you reach your goals more effortlessly in the future. The trine between Mercury and Pluto retrograde on September 15 is a great time to call in favors and persuade people to agree with you. Your advanced communication skills are very persuasive tools, allowing you to debate and bargain until you get what you want. Mercury enters balanced Libra on the twenty-first, giving you the ability to see both sides of every story. Your fairness makes you an excellent mediator or judge, and because your decisions are rarely influenced by outside sources during this influence, you have an eager eye for justice. The Mars-Mercury trine on September 23 is special because Mars is finally out of its retrograde cycle and ready to partner full speed ahead with your power planet. With this increase in mental energy and concentration, success can be yours on all levels.

August 17, 2018

Your ruler Mercury is retrograde for most of the month, causing miscommunications and information lags. A sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction on August 8 wants to get information flowing freely, but you may be stuck in some red tape. Old issues come up now as well, so put your effort into solving them before you try to work on anything new. There’s a reason the same things keep coming up again and again. When Mercury retrograde forms a square to Jupiter on the eleventh, you tend to have a broader outlook, so focusing on the smaller details might be difficult. Try not to look so far ahead that you lose sight of what’s important in the moment. The sun enters precise Virgo on August 23, and you can’t always identify with the Virgin’s practical, “put everything in a neat little box” tendencies. As an air sign you like to take a much more free-spirited approach, so you might feel restricted and stifled for the coming month. You could get recognized for your past efforts during the sun-Saturn retrograde trine on the twenty-fifth, but is it too little too late? You’ve probably already moved on and forgotten about this accomplishment. Onward and upward.

July 1, 2018

A Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5 puts you on the offensive, and you take issue with other people’s opinions and statements. You love a good verbal brawl, but keep in mind that not everyone else wants to debate things as much as you do. A Mercury-Jupiter retrograde square on the ninth gives you a lot of ideas, but getting distracted or not paying attention to details makes it difficult for you to finish what you start. You have so much potential, which makes it even more frustrating when you fall just short of what you’re capable of. The moon takes a trip through your sign on July 9 and July 10, putting your brain on high alert and supplying you with a whole bunch of new ideas to explore. Isn’t it nice to have so many options that you aren’t sure which one to start first?! A full moon lunar eclipse is in wacky Aquarius on the twenty-seventh, so you’ll need to get creative when closing out old accounts, finishing projects, or trying to reach deadlines on time. When your original agenda doesn’t pan out, just switch over to Plan B (which is sometimes even better than what you thought up originally).

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