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October 8, 2019

Pluto makes a big move into a direct position in steady Capricorn on October 3, giving you the chance to make a major transformation. If you’ve felt like you’ve been stuck these last couple of months, this regenerative energy should feel like a big weight has been lifted off you. A sun-Pluto square on the fourteenth increases your desire to be in control, but there are too many outside factors influencing the events in your life for that to happen. You won’t want to listen to authority figures, but guess what? Following orders from a boss or parent is just a part of life now. Things get intense when the sun enters focused Scorpio on October 23, especially for your close personal relationships. You might try to keep something a secret for the next month, but those closest to you can tell when something’s up. Don’t lie to the people who love and trust you. Frustration sets in during the Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh, and you might take a defensive stand even when no one is accusing you of anything. Why are you so wary, Leo? Chances are good that the people in your life are only trying to help. Don’t shut them out.

September 8, 2019

Keep an open mind during the Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1, Leo. You can have some very interesting, mind-expanding experiences if you’re willing to leave your inhibitions and preconceived notions behind. You have a lot of impulsive energy to deal with during the Mars-Jupiter square on the twelfth, but you can do some incredible things with it if you can find a way to harness it. The worst thing you can do now is react to other people’s taunting. Stay in control to conquer your haters. It’s easier for you to take a nonthreatening approach to challenges during the Mars-Pluto trine on September 19, and don’t be surprised if someone of important notices your efforts. Take a cooperative approach to problem solving makes you a great team player and leader. The powerful sun joins Mercury and Venus already in Libra on the twenty-third, shining a light on the relationships in your life. You strive to be the peacemaker now and will compromise more readily than usual. Making decisions can be challenging when you aim to make everyone happy, but that’s what compromises are for.

August 9, 2019

When fortunate Jupiter turns direct on August 11, good luck helps take you where you want to go. You’re capable of plenty on your own, but why not take advantage of fate when it’s on your side? Talkative Mercury enters your own creative sign on that day, and since it’s out of its retrograde stage, you should be able to have normal conversations and count on texts and e-mails getting to where they’re supposed to go. It’s nice to be able to rely on technology again! The sun leaves your fiery sign for safer earth-sign Virgo on the twenty-third, so things will be less spontaneous and much better thought out. There can still be very special moments, but they won’t be a surprise, and that’s okay. There can be comfort and satisfaction in routine. Your intuition increases during the sun-Uranus trine on August 29, so don’t ignore or dismiss those little inklings you’re having. When you get a certain feeling one way or the other, that’s the universe trying to tell you something. All the experiences you’ve had up until now have led to your current level of expertise. Trust that accumulated knowledge, Leo.

July 7, 2019

There are some serious fireworks when powerful Mars enters your feisty sign on July 1. With its rep as one of the most exciting planetary combos, you have a lot to look forward to in the weeks ahead! Communications-expert Mercury is in your outgoing sign when it retrogrades on the seventh, but talking louder won’t help you get your point across. Put aside your trademark outgoing personality, slow down, and use some tact to smooth over communication glitches. A Mars-Uranus square on July 11 could create stressful (and even dangerous) energy if you let your guard down long enough. Don’t take your eye off the road even for a minute, Leo. There are forces beyond your control trying to create problems for you, so stay aware. You can breathe a sigh of relief when the sun enters your dramatic sign on the twenty-second and things start to go your way. You’re the star of this show, and everyone else is just part of the supporting cast! The new moon on July 31 also appears in your creative sign, giving you the green light for all your artistic endeavors. You know all those people who didn’t believe in you before? You finally get to say, “I told you so!” It’s okay to brag when you’re this good.

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