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June 3, 2019

There’s a lot going on in that head of yours during the new Gemini moon on June 3. You’re great at getting things started now, but not so great at following through. Think about delegating some of the steps in your amazing plans and projects so you can meet your deadlines. Talkative Mercury is subdued somewhat in quiet Cancer on the fourth, so you aren’t as likely to be the loudest person in the room. You can still get the attention you crave, but you do so in a much subtler way. Your ruler sun opposes Jupiter retrograde on June 10, highlighting your winning style. You’ve been down before, but you’re never out—and you feel that sense of renewal and possibility during this transit. You still should look before you leap, but at least you’re confident you’ll make it. Chatty Mercury moves out of quiet Cancer and into your outgoing sign on the twenty-sixth, tempting you to brag about your accomplishments. No one wants to hear more details about how great you are, Leo – except maybe your family, since they can take some of the credit for how you turned out!

May 9, 2019

Your ruler sun forms a favorable sextile to dreamy Neptune on May 8, heightening your sensitivity and increasing your ability to be able to accurately interpret any given situation. Is someone holding back? Reading between the lines will help you decipher what they’re not saying. A sun-Pluto retrograde trine on the thirteenth could result in deeply intense experiences if you’re willing to put in the work. Do your research and investigate whatever topic you’re most interested in. The knowledge uncovered now could be life-altering. When the egocentric sun pairs up with intelligent Gemini on May 21, the result might be overconfidence. It’s great to be sure of yourself, Leo (and you usually are), but there’s no need for a showy display. Using big words and overexplaining technical concepts can be a turnoff. The sun-Mercury conjunction in stable Taurus, also on the twenty-first, is a busy time mentally, but this aspect urges you to slow down and not overthink things too much. You make the best impression when you sit back and listen instead of insisting on injecting your own insight every two minutes. You have big plans during the Mercury-Jupiter retrograde opposition on May 30, but they might not work out in real life the way they do on paper. Narrow down the details before you share your larger vision.

April 19, 2019

The new Aries moon on April 5 is an excellent incentive to get responsibilities out of the way first thing this month. You aren’t into setting long-term goals now, but if there’s something in front of you that needs to be finished, you’re on it. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, giving you time to pause and reflect on your recent luck. How much of what’s happened is fate, and how much is the result of your efforts? An extremely optimistic sun-Jupiter trine opens your mind to the possibilities on April 14, and you might have some very exciting travel options. Even though you’re still only in the planning stages, this could be a very exciting journey. The sun enters beauty-loving Taurus on the twentieth, so you notice the pretty things and people surrounding you. Your eye is drawn to the most attractive person in the room or the most expensive object in the store. There’s always a way to get what you want. Hardworking Saturn goes retrograde on April 29, so it might be more difficult to get things crossed off your to-do list. Your worst habit now is starting things and not finishing them. If you need help, feel free to delegate.

March 7, 2019

Mercury turns retrograde on March 5, adding unnecessary chaos to your already dramatic life. You might not be able to avoid all the problems that it creates, but how you respond to it can make all the difference. Try not to overreact until Mercury heads direct on March 28. You have a lot to be proud of during the sun-Jupiter square on the thirteenth, but don’t let your success go to your head. Compliments are sure to come your way, but trouble comes when you start to believe you can do no wrong. The motivating sun moves into energetic Aries on March 20, so you’ll have a lot of energy for whatever’s on your to-do list – and more. Find something constructive to occupy your downtime so you don’t get into trouble! Money-focused Venus enters idealistic Pisces on the twenty-sixth, so you might overlook some important financial details. Do your best to see your overall money picture for how it really is and not just how you wish it could be.

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