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October 6, 2018

The sun is in fair-minded, relationship-focused Libra as the month opens, which means compromise, negotiation and meeting other people halfway will be your number one priority. Decision-making can be challenging, but your ability to weigh the positives against the negatives helps you make the right choice eventually. The Libra sun squares intense Pluto on October 12, at which point you might look to uncover some deep, dark mysteries. Here’s the thing though, Leo, don’t look for something if you’re unsure of what you might find. Some things are just better undiscovered. The mood gets a lot more intense when the sun enters Scorpio’s emotional turf on the twenty-third, so people might get the “death stare” if they approach you the wrong way. To say you’re sensitive is an understatement. The sun-Uranus opposition that same day could bring unexpected and/or unwanted changes, and your first instinct might be to reject them without even finding out what they’re all about. Looking at things from a different perspective will help if you can find a way to step outside of how they personally affect you.

September 3, 2018

Are you ready to get busy? Disciplined Saturn goes direct on September 6, demanding that you work hard and consequently value the results of said hard work. In Saturn’s eyes, taking shortcuts shouldn’t even be an option. The sun opposes Neptune retrograde on the seventh, which could lead to insecurity and discouraging thoughts. Try to retreat to a safe place where you know your skills are valued and appreciated – like on a karaoke stage or in a board meeting. A trine between the sun and Pluto retrograde on September 11 does its best to get you to tune in to your solid sense of intuition, but one wrong move or decision could send you back to the starting line. This can be a time of some positive transformation if you accept your limitations, Leo. A sun-Mercury conjunction on the twentieth puts you in a conversational mood, and you’ll probably spend hours on social media making sure your words are read and your pics are viewed. You have a real knack for making yourself look good by typing all the right words and hitting all the right angles! Tough challenges could arrive with the sun-Saturn square on September 25, but you thrive when your character is tested. If you do everything you’re supposed to do, no one can question your dedication.

August 17, 2018

A sun-Jupiter square on August 6 could give very quickly and then take away just as quickly. You’re confident in your natural talents and abilities, but that same confidence can get you into trouble. Getting yourself in too deep and overstepping set boundaries are the two biggest challenges of this transit. A sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction on the eighth puts your focus on communications and information, but beware of misunderstood messages and other types of disconnects. Mercury retrograde likes to cause problems, but staying alert and on top of your communications game will help you avoid its usual tricks. The sun enters earthy Virgo on August 23, bringing a month of sensible, hands-on thinking. You’re a flamboyant fire sign, but you can benefit from the practicality that this earth sign brings. Regarding health, pay special attention to intestinal and digestive issues because the Virgin rules these areas. A sun-Saturn retrograde trine on the twenty-fifth pushes you to set more goals, but frustration could set in when you encounter what seems to be more than your fair share of roadblocks and obstacles. Is the universe out to get you, or is there more you can do? Dig in and fight.

July 1, 2018

When the sun trines contemplative retrograde Jupiter on July 5, you’re on top of the world. Few things can touch you, but the retrograde motion hints at more thought and less action. You have a lot to look forward to once this temporary yield sign is removed, though. An opposition between the sun and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth indicates potential crises, and there are unavoidable negative aspects associated with it to deal with. Adaptability will be important, Leo, because the more open to solutions you are, the easier it will be to get yourself out of any jams you get into. The sun enters your sign on the twenty-second, so for the next month, you’re on top of your game. Now that you feel more comfortable in your own skin, there’s really no limit to what you can do, which is bad news for your competition but good news for everyone on your good side! Enjoy the drama that surrounds you – you’ve earned your right to be front and center! There’s a sun-Uranus square to watch out for on July 25, and stress could get the better of you. Staying calm isn’t your greatest strength, but right now it’s in your best interests to control the situation and not let the situation control you.

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